Top Crown Design Welding
Our caps are the back bone of the company. They are the reason for the name Top Crown Design. These caps are around the world from Hawaii to Africa and back here to the good ol South Alabama. When you see the tag Top Crown Design you know what kind of cap you have. 

We have expanded our welding section with a couple of unique products.
Customized Pancake Shields and Customized Lincoln Faceplates.
Our Faceplates and Pancake Shields DO NOT have stickers and they are not screen printed. It a long lasting product. It is unlimited on the amount of colors that can be included, unlike screen printed products that you can have a minimum amount of colors.
 So please check out all of our products.

Just give us a call to place your faceplate or shield order.
Monday - Thursday
(251) 639-5133
P.O. Box 850351
Mobile, AL 36685